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North Lake Shore Drive Phase I Study Background

The Illinois Department of Transportation and the Chicago Department of Transportation have initiated a study to improve North Lake Shore Drive from Grand Avenue to Hollywood Avenue. This will require an extensive outreach program to generate ideas that address user needs and respect the values and character of neighborhoods, yet fits within a complex implementation process. Achieving a balance between the original vision of a park boulevard and the realities of today's travel demand will be critical. Please tell us how you use North Lake Shore Drive, what the issues are and share your ideas.

Your voice will play an integral part in shaping the future of North Lake Shore Drive for decades to come. Tell us ....How do you use North Lake Shore Drive? What activities do you like to do along the Drive, lakefront or park space? How do you think we can we meet the travel and access demands of all users along the corridor? Help us to redefine the Drive.

Please fill in the contact information below (only first and last name are required), and then enter text into the "Comments" text box and/or use the Browse button to upload up to three (3) file attachments. If you would prefer not to use this form, you may submit comments via email to or U.S. mail to: North Lake Shore Drive Phase I Study, c/o Civiltech, 30 N. LaSalle, Suite 2624, Chicago, IL 60602. Only comments - not your contact information - may be posted for public view on the project's website. Electronic files should avoid the use of special characters, any form of encryption, and be free of any defects or viruses.

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