Uinta Basin Railway Environmental Impact Statement
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Uinta Basin Railway Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
Comments Due: December 14, 2020

Background: On October 30, 2020, the Surface Transportation Board's (Board) Office of Environmental Analysis (OEA) issued the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Uinta Basin Railway for public review and comment. The Draft EIS analyzes the potential environmental impacts of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition's proposal to construct and operate an approximately 85-mile rail line connecting the Uinta Basin to the national rail network.

OEA requests and encourages the public and any interested parties to submit comments on the Draft EIS. OEA will review and consider your comments in preparing the Final EIS. When submitting comments, please be as specific as possible about any concerns or questions you have about the analysis and conclusions in the Draft EIS.

You can find copies of submitted comments and additional information about the proposed project on the Board-sponsored project website, www.uintabasinrailwayeis.com. Comments are updated regularly.

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